Tuesday, March 11, 2008

almost done!

hye all..

What im planning to do today go wif smooth n I enjoy it!


1. post my phone bill (Done)
2. the wriring man r not coming (postpone)
3. i went to midvalley n the Garden, Yes ! i just window shopping.. but i bought new Freego T-Shirt at Metrojaya (Sale ma...........)
4. i watched muvee 10,000 BC (1.45pm), Tentang Cinta (4.10), Flood (7.00pm) its considered marathon aite..
5. Finally, i had Carlos Jr.. Mushroon burger! yummy..!


6. ate baskin Robbins!

Bad side,

now, im feel worried cos my money ran out! Damn! hehehehheh but i really enjoyed. i really am!

mom, as usual, u love me aite?

take care..


p/s esok ada asigmnt gaya polis d bukit aman! huhu.. pukul 11 pagi!