Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Spell your name without A
♥ ssim

Are you single?
♥ yes n available (ngeh3)

Whats your favorite number?
♥ 9

What are you listening?
♥ Hanya di Mercu - By Ayu / Cinta Dlm Hati - By Ungu

Are you happy with your
life right now?
♥ no m NOT

What was/is your favorite
subject in school?
♥ Principal Account

Who was the last person you talked to
on the phone?
♥ My Bos (En Ramli)

Who was the last person to call you?
♥ Mama

Who was the last person to text you?
♥ Marlon

what shirt are you wearing?
♥ Nike
♥ Boxer
♥ no Ewwwwww

♥ Not Really (I miss someone)

Other Stuff

What plans do you have for tonight?
♥ dont know yet

Do you hate liars?
♥ No, Somehow i had lied to other ppl oso

Do you prefer "sensitive boys/girls"
or "tough boys/feminine girls"?
♥ both

Do you prefer blonde or dark
haired girls/boys?
♥ dark hair

What have you done in your past
that you regret?
♥ yes ! sesal benget deh

Do you have a guy best friend?

Have you ever kissed two people in
one night?
♥ Yes

Did you ever have your heart
♥ Yes absolutely (its hurting me alot)

Have you ever wanted someone but
you knew you couldn't?
♥ Yes, until now....

How are things between you and
your parents?
♥ i love them much more. everything ok!

Do you like your life?
♥ up n down

What is your favourite food?
♥ lately i love ikan keli

What is your favorite love movie?
♥ Dan in the real life

What is your best physical feature?
♥ hmmmmmmm (blushing)

Do you forgive or forget?
♥ yup..

Do you have more friends that are
girls or boys?
♥ both

Has anyone close passed away?
♥ my brother...

Have you ever not been able to
get someone out of your head?
♥ stupid ppl n make my life messy

What color is your eyes?
♥ black

Do you ever wish you were
♥ i dont know wat exactly i want

Do you ever wish you were a girl?
♥ no

Do you want to get married?
♥ yes i do

Do you still love your ex?
♥ Yes ( love as friend n intimate soul hahhahah)

Does your ex still love you?
♥ i dont know (need to ask them)

Do you want him/her back?
♥ yes with pleasure

p/s sory Qayum.. copy dr ur frenster... heheheh