Sunday, January 6, 2008

All New & Fresh...

hye all. a bit long tyme gak kan im not updating my blog. before this i mention mau buat comeback with my hair. means aku mau kasih panjang la my hair. tp lain plak jadi. when i meet azim, fendy, hafiz and they said that my hair like hell. very dull n not updated. u know wat.. like jimmy carey's hair. hhahah.. so i decided to cut it and here's my new look!~

ok x my new look.?

so after im off from utusan, im going to the gardens in Midvalley to shop some stuffs before going for internship.. hahhah i new something new and fresh. luckily im not intended to buy baju and seluar cos i bought it during the semester break with my father. I paw him cukup2 la

i just bought something light2 jew mcm socks, watch and boxer. then T-shirt and new perfume babeh!~
this watch u know wat. i bargain gila2 ngan salesman tuh.. smpi dier surrender to decrease the price from rm325 to rm280.. hahhah fyi, this watch also new collection of Fossil based on the salesman ckp la.. xtau la betul ka x?

i bough armani code perfume with black color.. the smell very nice n sweet.. org ckp bau jantan!

ok then. i wanna take shower..

take care!

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gudluck with utusan bro!!